Dear Senator Cards

RBG Edition

Demand to Be Heard

No one should be surprised at this point by the shamelessness and complete lack of integrity in the republicans of the minority-majority Senate. So many of them went dramatically out of their way to make promises about the future, on camera, to justify their brazen Supreme Court power grab of 2016.


Still, the speed and ease with which they moved to do the exact opposite when roles were reversed has been striking. While not surprising, it does confirm one thing for certain: whether they're fighting for policies you agree with or not, they cannot be trusted.

However irredeemable your senator may be, the least we can do is show them how many of us care about the integrity and fairness of our judicial system, and that we plan to vote on it. The volume of public sentiment matters. Let's get loud.

Find your senators and their addresses here:

United States 116th Senate

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These cards are absolutely free to download, print, and mail to your senator. You can also download the graphic itself for posting on Instagram and Twitter, and all we'd ask is for you to tag @hamrick as the artist in either place. Or, you can always share Ryan's original post.

If you'd like to say thanks, we encourage you to make a donation to Get Mitch or Die Trying—the campaign that raised over $20 million just over the weekend following RBG's death—to evenly fund all the Democratic candidates in winnable senate races in 2020, unseat Mitch McConnell as majority leader, and hopefully as a senator altogether.


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