Dear Senator Cards

Demand the Facts

Now that the House of Representatives has officially passed articles of impeachment, Democrats have much less say in how fairly things progress in the Republican-majority Senate. If there's anything senators respond to, however, it's action and pressure from the people keeping them in power.


We need to let them know that, unless they insist on hearing under-oath testimony from the relevant witnesses in the administration, they can absolutely count on losing our votes in 2020, if there's any hope left for them already. Republican or Democrat, every senator needs to hear how strongly we care that all the facts are made public. We have plenty of time to get our names and demands in front of them before they return in January. Let's get loud.

Find your senators and their addresses here:

United States 116th Senate

Download & Donate

These cards are absolutely free to download, print, and mail to your senator. You can also download the graphics themselves for posting on Instagram and Twitter, and all we'd ask is for you to tag @hamrick as the artist in either place. Or, you can always share Ryan's original post.

If you'd like to say thanks, I encourage you to make a donation to Fair Fight, the new political action committee from Stacey Abrams, working hard to ensure free and fair elections, and eradicate gerrymandering, voter suppression, and disenfranchisement.


Blue Card - Written

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Red Card - Written

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Black Card - Written

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Blue Card - Blank

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Red Card - Blank

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Black Card - Blank

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Blue Card Artwork

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Red Card Artwork

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Black Card Artwork

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