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Leading Letter Arts & Brand Designer Ryan Hamrick Launches New Studio ALFA in Austin, Texas

With nearly a decade of industry-leading experience, a prolific independent design career evolves into a truly singular studio.

AUSTIN, July 17th, 2019—ALFA | Advocates for the Letter Focused Arts, today announced the launch of it’s premium letter direction and brand design studio, with a focus on the instrumental importance of custom type and lettering in all facets of design, and a mission to advocate for the value and impact of hand-crafted letters, for the industry at large.

ALFA Founder and Letter Director Ryan Hamrick, after nearly a decade of industry-leading work for clients large and small from around the world, has moved to turn his solo design practice into a formal studio effort. The new studio will have a greater capacity and the resources to take on projects with wider, deeper scopes of work, for clients who require more attention and involvement than an individual freelancer’s schedule can typically afford.

Hamrick’s independent career has seen collaborations with the likes of Apple, Google, Adobe, Target, Hallmark, HEB, Jameson Whiskey, and countless others. He’s also spoken on the power of letters in design at numerous conferences, including a keynote talk at Australia’s Typism Conference, UnderConsideration’s First Round conference, Creative South, Adobe’s Creative Jam, and more.

One of the biggest focuses of ALFA is to underscore the advocacy part of its very name. The letter design industry sees largely insufficient rates of professional representation, leaving the majority of the best talent in the field to fend for themselves in negotiating fair and commensurate rates for their work. At the same time, the spike in the art form’s popularity in recent years has driven a proportionate rise in both individuals wanting to learn the craft, as well as those trying to teach it — not all of which at a caliber that is helpful to the conversation around the immense value that the subject matter holds.

ALFA’s advocacy aim is to provide that fighting support and representation for letter artists and designers that need and want it. Additionally, with the help of talented colleagues, it will exercise Hamrick’s experience teaching hundreds of students nationwide and around the world — at conferences like TypeCon and Typism, for corporate design teams at American Greetings and Facebook, and even on his cross-country 15-city workshop tour in 2017 — to provide pro-level training in the art of the letter, to companies, design organizations, and soon, even online.

“For years now, my some-day goal has been to run my own design studio,” Founder Ryan Hamrick said, “that focuses on letter-based products and goods on one hand, and on client work, and a sort of ‘letter direction apprenticeship program’ for talented young letter designers on the other. Combine that with being a trusted name that will advocate and represent for artists even outside our studio, should they need it, and this positions ALFA as a powerhouse shop that works to advance and elevate the value of this essential work in every single thing we do.”

In an era of heightened regard for moving fast, utilizing existing, widely available resources, and minimizing the value of careful and considered, custom-tailored work, Advocates for the Letter Focused Arts comes as a breath of fresh air, and a studio set on proving the unmatched role that original, bespoke letter work plays in truly ownable design. Especially for brand and identity, and anywhere letters and words are key to a design’s success — in other words, everywhere.

About ALFA

ALFA is a small but mighty studio in Austin, TX focusing on premium letter direction and brand design. Founded by leading letter arts designer, instructor, and speaker Ryan Hamrick, Advocates for the Letter Focused Arts aims to advance and elevate the value of the letter work industry at large, while crafting powerful brands and letter direction solutions, and providing professional industry-leading training on the art of the letter along the way. Visit thealfaset.com to learn more. You can follow ALFA on all social media platforms by the handle @thealfaset, and catch behind-the-scenes looks at ongoing work, studio developments, and more by following the founder everywhere at the handle @Hamrick.


There is also a full online press kit available with image downloads and other studio info here: Press Kit

For inquiries, message contact@thealfaset.com or call (512) 766-ALFA.