ALFA Letter Studio

Advocates for the Letter Focused Arts is a small but mighty studio specializing in premium letter direction and brand design, with a strong belief that there is no tool in the graphic and brand design toolbox more powerful or important than type and lettering expertise.

We want to teach everyone to share that belief with us, but until we can reach them all, our job is to be the arbiters of that expertise.


We decided early on that the primary focus in our creative pursuits would be mastering the forms of letters; these largely universal shapes that have instant recognition and infinitely controllable messaging power. Now, it shows in every project we have our hand in.

What We Do

Focusing on the power and importance of letters is just smart design, not a limiting, over-specialization. That said, we're much more than just editorial headlines and chalkboard art.

Brand Design

We've crafted strong, timeless brands for countless organizations, large and small. Hand-drawn logotypes are our bread and butter, but we also use our intimate knowledge of letter principles to create strong, iconic marks as well.

Photo & Video

The execution of unmatched design work is crucial to every project. With product design, packaging, and the like, sometimes it's the imaging that's make or break. We've been recognized globally for our camera work, too.


There are few better ways to deliver creative work to its intended audience, than when you can do it person, and experience first-hand how it affects them. On-site murals, live event art, and instant personalization campaigns are some of our favorite ways to connect.

Brand Partnerships

Lettered messaging is one of the strongest assets forward-thinking brands can embrace to spread content quickly and effectively. We partner with brands of all sizes to craft infinitely shareable experiences.


Even if it means stiffer competition, we believe it's better for design and society as a whole if more people value and even actively practice lettering in the world. Through workshops, lectures, and talent representation, we actively work toward that future.


We're happy to simply help you stand out visually, but there's nothing like having a partner that can also craft the way you present yourself to the world. We can help.


We love an expertly drawn word. We also like to think we can paint profound pictures with written ones. We'll tell your story just as beautifully as we show it.


Like we said from the jump, we want everyone to learn the awesome power of the letter. If you or members of your team are already there, we're here to provide pro advice.

Ready to have some fun?